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How to see the differences of the files of all the sub-folders ?

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  • How to see the differences of the files of all the sub-folders ?


    Working under Beyond Compare 4, I intend to compare general files containing sub-folders which include they the same of the sub-folders containing files.
    The differences of files are spotted(located) well on the condition of clicking on every sub-folders. By default, the sub-folders which contain differences in their files are of dark blue color; those who do not contain it are black or intoxicated(tinted).

    Hence my question:
    How, in Beyond Compare 4, to open at one time all the sub-folders which contain differences to reveal in each of them their different files?

    Thank you for your help(assistant)

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    Is the default criteria sufficient (timestamp/size) or do you need to run a content scan first? To enable a content scan, use the Folder Compare's Session menu -> Session Settings, Comparison tab. Leave the default Size/Timestamp/Override enabled, then also enable Rules-baesd (text) scan or the binary (full file) scan.

    Next, in the main Folder Compare view, with your two base folders loaded, you can set the Display Filter on the toolbar (upper left) or the View menu to Show Differences. Then on the toolbar or Edit menu you can Expand All. This will leave you with an expanded folder state showing only different files. The Display Filters can be quickly toggled to view all, differences, specific types of differences, etc.

    You can also right-click specific subfolders to expand them, if you do not want to expand everything, instead of the Expand All option.
    Aaron P Scooter Software