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Show differences shows same files

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  • Show differences shows same files

    Show differences used to hide files that are the same. What am I doing wrong?

    Also clicking on 'Show Same' makes same and different files disappear:

    I'm using BC4 64-bit Edition Version 4.1.9 (build 21719) on Windows 7 64-bit.
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    In the Folder Compare's Session menu -> Session Settings, Comparison tab, is "Override Quick Test Results" enabled?

    This would need to be enabled to have the content scan/center column override the timestamp/size results. Usually this option is on by default, but you can update the global defaults with different options using the dropdown at the bottom of the Session Settings dialog: "Use only for this view" -> "Also update session defaults"
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      Doh! Misread that as 'enable' quick check so I unchecked that option. Thanks!

      In any case, I used to just be able to right click on a folder and compare the contents. Then when I opened the subfolders, only the diff'ed files displayed. Now I have to open a file to trigger the comparison, and then re-click the 'Show differences' button to make that diff'ed = file to disappear from the view. So tedious to open each file only to see that there were no diffs.


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        Ok, I figured out to uncheck the Startup option "When starting with file comparison, show quick compare dialog" under Tools > Options...
        This approximates the behaviour I described above.


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          BC4 still has the Compare Contents command, which runs the content scan on only the selected files. Alternatively, you can use the Session Settings dialog, Comparison tab: Timestamps, Size, Override + enable a Content scan (binary, rules-based, crc) to scan all items instead of just a selection.

          The Display Filter set to Show Differences will then show only different files, including when you expand a folder, after the above scan has run.

          If you use Compare Contents or the Comparison tab, then you won't need to re-click Show Differences to remove the file. We only leave the equal files in view when specifically clicking into them (updating their status) and then returning to the parent view, so that the item you just visited doesn't mysteriously disappear.
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