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Default BC4 finds files windows explorer doesn't

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    Can you use the Actions->Explorer submenu in Beyond Compare to manipulate them? If so, what does the "Properties" dialog show if you launch it from there? What about Actions->Open With->Associated Application? Assuming it opens in Word, what does Word show if you then use the "Save As" command?
    ZoŽ P Scooter Software


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      all these things work. the screen shots I showed of the properties above where using bc explorer properties in that post I noted that I could open copy and email the document from BC.


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        After performing a backup of any important content in these problem directories, I think the next step might be to uninstall Box and reboot. We're listing files that aren't System/Hidden, and something else seems to be injecting itself and hiding the files from Explorer (but doesn't know about us, so it's not trying to hide them from us, too). Box is the most likely culprit, since it's a Box managed location, but it's potentially another application on your system, too.
        Aaron P Scooter Software


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          Well the following what I did and it has seemed to resolve this issue. Somewhat surpised except for the fact that I deleted all box content, this is the same this I did before.


          1. backup
          2. uninstall box tools (edit and sync) same package if I remember correctly.
          3. saw that all the box related folders were not deleted.
          4. make sure they were backedup
          5. deleted them
          6. I forget if I rebooted before deleting these directories or not. But I am pretty sure I reboot a couple time before I did the box tools reinstall
          7. reinstalled box tools downloading from website
          8. set all the settings for box sync waited for sync to finished
          9. rebooted
          10. checked directories with BC and explorer. everything looked ok.
          11. started restoring from backups, the files that box was missing. This is what I was expecting to do after I did the reinstall.


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            That sounds like a bug with Box that was fixed by freshly installing the latest version. Glad you were able to get it all working.
            Aaron P Scooter Software