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CSV comparison weirdness

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  • CSV comparison weirdness

    I have 2 very similar CSV files, but without headers in the first row (just a matrix of numbers). The second has zeros for the last, say, 10 rows (out of 40 total). I would expect when doing a comparison that the last 10 rows would show up as red, but it actually reorders my rows in the view and it looks like the two files have had their rows shuffled!

    Image showing BC4 screengrab attached.
    Is there any way that we can sort this out? Thanks.
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    The Table Compare's default alignment uses a defined Key and sorts by this key. Sorting can be enabled/disabled in the Session Settings dialog, Columns tab: Unsorted Alignment toggle.

    If there is no defined Key, then the entire Row is the alignment key. You can mark any column as a Key by right clicking the header in the main view, or updating the column settings in the Session Settings, Columns tab. With a Key defined, that is the only value(s) sorted. You can mark multiple columns together to act as a Key. Is there a Key within your structure that you could use?
    Aaron P Scooter Software