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WebDAV Connection Support for Digest Authentication

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  • WebDAV Connection Support for Digest Authentication

    Is there a ways to set the authentication method to digest for WebDAV profiles? It looks like it only supports basic authentication.

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    WebDAV will use digest automatically if the server supports it, but it does connect without any authentication set first to get the server's supported authentication types. What kind of error are you seeing?
    ZoŽ P Scooter Software


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      I get an HTTP 401 error. When I enter credentials to make the WebDAV profile, the dialog box has the following two lines at the top. (Note that they are getting cut off. So, I can't see all the text):

      Line 1: "The server {url} is asking for your username and password. The "
      Line 2: "Warning: Your username and password will be sent using basic authentication on a conne"

      It's telling me that it is using basic authentication when I try to set up the profile.

      Using curl from a terminal window, the following happens:
      1. I am able to download a file when I explicitly set the authentication methods to --digest or --anyauth. Format used: curl -u {user_id} --digest -O {webdav_url}
      2. I get an HTTP 401 error if I leave out the authentication method or specify --basic. Format used: curl -u {user_id} --basic -O {webdav_url}

      Based on the result of the #1 case, it appears that our WebDAV server is telling curl which authentication to use. We don't have basic authentication enabled which seems to be indicated by the result of case #2.

      Environment Details:
      OS: OS X 10.10.5
      Beyond Compare Version: Version 4.1.8 (build 21575)



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        Looking this over, either the server is sending us back bad information, or we aren't parsing the style it is sending back.

        Would it be possible to get a connection, but not User/Pass, as remote access? Attempting to connect would help us determine what the server is sending vs. what we are parsing. We don't need login information (user/pass), just the attempted connection.

        Alternatively, you can generate a Fiddler log ( of the connection attempt and email it in.

        Either way, we can be reached privately at
        Please include a link back to this forum thread for our reference.
        Aaron P Scooter Software