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Creation of BC sessions through automated means

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  • Creation of BC sessions through automated means

    BC version 4.1.7 build 21529

    I have a use case where I need to create hundreds of BC sessions for folder comparisons. The folder comparisons might only differ by one folder path name with all other setting being the same. This makes it easy to prepopulate a spreadsheet with right side and left side paths and possible import into BC if such functionality exists. Is there a way to auto generate the sessions through an import process or other automated means? Im not sure if this is a scripting topic, so I thought Id start here.

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    Do you need to alter more settings than just the folder names? BC4's command line supports passing a pair of files into BC, which would then open in the appropriate session (or use /fv= as documented in Help (F1) to force a specific session, but it shouldn't be necessary).

    bcompare.exe "c:\folder1" "c:\folder2"

    There is no built in support for automating the creation of sessions. We have various other tools such as command line options and scripting which help in most automated solutions. BC4's setting files could be manually tweaked to create sessions, but 99% of the time our other options would be better, faster, and easier to implement.

    What is the final output you are trying to achieve after generating multiple sessions?
    Aaron P Scooter Software