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    When comparing two excel files id like to ignore Line changes. For example if a Time changes for something making it move from say line 33 to line 43 i don't want to see that. I only want to see that the time has changed. So in the diff have it show me line 33 IS now line 43 and highlight the different times in red. How can i accomplish this?


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    Assuming you are opening the Excel files in the default view, the Table Compare, the line alignment is determined by the Key column.

    The default Key is Column 1, but you can right click (or set in Session Settings) any column or combination of columns to be the Key. The Key should be a unique identifier, such as an EmployeeID col or the combination of both FirstName and LastName columns. The Key(s) are sorted and aligned by and that determines which row should align to which row.

    You can also right click col 1 and set it to Standard or Unimportant if it is not part of the Key.
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