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Can custom "Unimportant text" settings be globally saved?

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  • Can custom "Unimportant text" settings be globally saved?

    I can configure certain text sequences/regexes as being unimportant in the Session Settings/Importance tab. These unimportant text matches are save with the session, but I'd like to be able to use them in any session.

    If this is not possible now, I'd like to request that this be considered for a future release.

    Ideally, they'd show up in some list with check boxes in the Session Settings dialog that is similar to the list of important elements that includes "Leading whitespace", "Embedded whitespace", etc.

    Also, ideally they could be edited (and optionally resaved with a new name) in other sessions.

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    The Session Settings, by default, apply to the current view. However, at the bottom of the dialog you can change this dropdown to Also Update Session defaults. You can also edit the Session defaults from the Home screen's Saved Sessions list, New folder, and select the Text Compare to update the default settings for any future text comparisons. The defaults are also used for rules-based scan from a Folder Compare, although these can be updated by launching the Folder Compare, launching a child Text Compare and in the Session Setting dialog you can update it to "Use for all files in parent (folder) session"
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