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Recognize moved Lines in Text Compare?

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  • Recognize moved Lines in Text Compare?

    Is there a way to change settings that Text Compare would recognize/show moved lines ?
    I liked that rly on my old compare tool (compare It!) and missing it currently on BC, because on the long term i want to replace that old tool completly with BC.

    Here you can see a small example of what I mean:
    here, the lines are simply switched

    or here another example, where the two lines have moved and you see that really fast, because of the red square on these lines:

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    BC4 does not support detecting moved text sections. It is something on our Customer Wishlist, and I can add your examples to our entry on the subject.

    Our current workaround is to use an external conversion to help resort or tidy the files. We have a few for specific formats available on our Download page. We also have a KB article for help configuring a format to use any command line process:
    Aaron P Scooter Software


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      Thank you for the informations. Good idea with the sorting before comparing I will try that out.

      another question:
      I tryed the file formates downloads for java files:
      Java source tidied
      Java class to source tidied

      I get always conversation errors, but no detail on the error. Do you write a log file or something?


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        Originally posted by Xyen View Post
        I get always conversation errors, but no detail on the error. Do you write a log file or something?
        In a similar situation, I found it helpful to run the conversion helper executable directly from the command line. That provided better diagnostics. That was using Linux. I don't know if that will help in your case.


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          Dave's suggestion is the best. We don't have the ability to show the full error reporting since each conversion can vary wildly in how it reports errors; we try to show as much as we're able to interpret. If you are opening the same files with the Java format or Java Class format, at least one would fail, since the conversion requires the specific file type (.jav/a vs .class) and will fail for the other. Failures when using the correct file extension are usually due to a syntax parsing issue that the conversion is unable to handle.
          Aaron P Scooter Software