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Newbie Beyond compare feature settings question

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  • Newbie Beyond compare feature settings question

    1. How do I search files on a snapshot created by beyond compare .bcss ?

    2. How do I search for duplicated files or list out any duplicated files for arrangement ?

    3. How can I drag and drop in beyond compare rather than move specify the path / ?

    4. When there is an error while copy left to right , It just mention cannot be copy but did not mention the reason of the error at the bottom of error log.
    How to check the reason behind the fail error copy ?

    As before , a few more question arise.Thank you for reading my question again

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    No problem. Let's see if I can help with each of these:

    1) Load the snapshot in a new, blank Folder Compare. Then use Edit menu -> Expand All, then Search -> Find Filename.

    2) BC4 does not support duplicate searching for files on the same side. The Folder Compare aligns folders on the left and right based on the folder names, and the files inside based on the file names. You can ignore the folder structure and align equal file names on the left and right (regardless of folder structure), but if there are multiple of the same file this may not align the correct pair since we align first before running the compare scan.

    3) Drag and drop is not supported in BC4. You can use the Copy To Folder or Move to Folder commands, or right click -> Explorer to use those commands.

    4) Could you post the text of the log command? We usually try to include the reason in the log or pass back the error pass from the OS. We use the same base copy method as Explorer; if you attempt the same copy (file, source, and destination) are there any extra prompts or error dialogs?
    Aaron P Scooter Software