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  • Request: Create patch

    Hi again

    it would be enormous helpful to be able to save the current diff view as a patch.
    File -> File save as -> Fileformat patch

    It would be the sugar on the cake if I could create one single patch from a whole session...


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    Beyond Compare already supports that

    In the Session menu, select Text Compare Report..., and select "Patch" as the report layout style. You can switch between Normal, Context, and Unified diff formats; the amount of context used is matches the interactive viewer's "Show Context" setting, and follows the "Number of context lines" setting in the "Text Editing" are of the Options dialog.
    ZoŽ P Scooter Software


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      In addition to Zoe's suggestion for the Text Compare Session, you can also generate this from a Folder Compare.

      Set the Display Filters to show only differences (or files you need), then the toolbar or Edit menu -> Expand All and Select All Files. This should leave you with a selection of only files (not folders or archives) that then need to generate the patch. Right click the selection or Actions menu -> File Compare Report to see similar options as Zoe describes, but generates a multi-file patch report.
      Aaron P Scooter Software


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        Great but two objections:
        • Functionality hidden - you need luck to find it
        • Subfolders missing- if I create a patch for "c:\folder1\folder2\file.cpp" in "c:\folder1" I expect "folder2\file.cpp" in the diff header... (similar to patch creation via Explorer with TortoiseSVN)


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          The Patch structure follows the structure defined by Unix's Patch (also on Windows as Patch.exe) and offers 3 different layouts. The subfolders are included in the file name path, not the header, as part of this structure. Adding a new layout that follows Tortoise's standard is something we can research.

          Update: Actually, the Unified Diff report is fairly close, without the "=====" separators. How does this layout work for your needs?
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          Aaron P Scooter Software