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Request: Patch processing 2.0

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  • Request: Patch processing 2.0


    I really like the quick patch preview function - one of my main reasons why I bought BC4.
    But now you should go one step further:
    • Allow to preview a patch on an existing code - now I have to apply the patch and view the diff afterwards. This is annoying.
    • Allow to apply a path partially - manual mode 1.0
    • Allow to apply a path partially and allow editing and aligning things - manual mode 2.0

    Silvio Iaccarino

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    Thanks for the feedback and suggestions. I'll add them to our Customer Wishlist for improving our View Patch tool.
    Aaron P Scooter Software


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      I second that. I found the Patch part of BC surprisingly poorly featured I ended up using TortoiseSVN ! The View Patch is ok I guess but a little bit hidden. However, the Apply Patch part is not helpful at all.
      Isn't it possible to handle rejects in a 3way merge ? Why all those *.orig files for properly merged files ?? And generating a report in a modal dialog ???
      Common folks, it's BC we are talking about


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        Thanks for the feedback. It's still a wishlist item of ours, and I'll add your feedback and example to our tracker entry on the subject.
        Aaron P Scooter Software