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Moving Files with BC (Suggestion)

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  • Moving Files with BC (Suggestion)

    It will be nice to have a new option "Move files" in the Folder Synchro Setup. I know, it is then no real synchronisation, but i will use this for moving files from mobile devices and SD-Cards and Digital-Cameras.

    At time i need another session for deleting the files at source with "If files are identical" "delete left".

    Sure, i can take another Software for making this, but i dont want, because BC is better.

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    Our Folder Compare session could be used with this workflow. You can set the Display Filter to show only the files you want to move, then Select All Files and Move, or Copy then Delete in two steps. The Folder Compare also has the Sync Update and Sync Mirror commands, which can act on a selection or the whole view, in the Actions menu -> Synchronize -> submenu items.

    The Folder Sync session is a subset of commands to provide easy access to synchronizing files, while the Folder Compare session has a variety of extra tools for filtering the view, limiting the selection, and performing different actions.

    **Please note that neither the Folder Compare or Folder Sync session types are able to offer an Undo command.**
    I would suggest testing with already backed up folders or test folders while learning how filtering, display filters, and the comparison criteria can be configured to help move files, as well as verifying that your destination devices properly support the move command.
    Aaron P Scooter Software


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      This is absolutely perfect. Ctrl+A; Ctrl+X and it works good. Also nice is the Flat View (Ignoring Folders), this i need for SD-Cards of Video- and Photo-Cameras.

      I am not able to change the BC-Language without reinstall. This is needed for forum. I have a german version installed. But BC is good enough, i dont need more forum activity.

      Thank you for help. Keep the good work.


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        The German translation is stored in a file named in the install directory. If you temporarily rename it (or just copy BCompare.exe somewhere else and run it), BC will run in English instead.
        ZoŽ P Scooter Software