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my first hkLM comparison - trying to find a needle in a haystack

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  • my first hkLM comparison - trying to find a needle in a haystack

    hi, I'm wondering if it's possible to compare two similar reg-hives, HKLM / SYSTEM User snapshots from builds that are affected with a glitch[ that's more of an annoyance than a show-stopper, re Explorer's behaviour when displaying SpecialFolderDIRs (affects users on win10 also, occasionally)

    I'm using differencing-disks on windows7x64, and I've rolled back, and thankfully discovered the issue ain't present before my two builds, a ShellDev & a DAW(at level 2 of my OS)

    Shell extensions - xplorer2, classicShell

    Optimised winProfile, test build containing mdns repsonder, bonjour, apple mobile device service, lots of midi/audio tools

    So I'm wondering if I can compare some like keys, or hives (HKCUs v HKLMS etc).
    I could even, with the right tools, compare 3 builds, and (where a!=[b==c]) show the unique values on good build 'a'

    I have a plethora of regtools to try, but not sure which (if any) can help me in this quest ^..

    Just thought I'd mention it, 'case there's any Obi-Wan's in the neighbourhood

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    If you export .reg files (or have remote access) and compare individual Users or Local Machine roots, does much of the structure then align for you when compare them in our Registry Compare session type or do you have issues with differently named nodes? This does require each node to have the same name for the 'folders' to align, which is why I suggest drilling down a step to align the top-level folders directly as the base targets.
    Aaron P Scooter Software