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    Hi everyone. New to the forums, but thought I would mention that I recently forked and modified a plugin for SublimeText to allow me to compare two files in BeyondCompare. As I am a mac user, I'm coming to the forums to see if anyone would be interested in helping to modify the plugin to have it work on Windows and Linux.


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    Thanks! It's certainly appreciated when users tackle interesting plug-in projects, and GitHub is a useful tool for sharing. We have our own Linux context menu support hosted on GitHub as well.
    Aaron P Scooter Software


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      Was able to get a VM up and running and release support for Windows. I'm still looking for help if anyone is interested in working on the plugin to take further advantage of the cmd line options.


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        Been using your plugin, nice job! Now if I could figure out how to go in the other direction... that is from Beyond Compare, open a file in Sublime Text. Which that isn't hard... but I want it to open up in context, not by itself. Ideally in the workspace I already have open but if it would open it up with the parent directory that I did my comparison in BC for open in the sidebar, that'd be better than nothing. Haven't been able to figure out how to do this, using the various options BC has for including the file path, etc. It always opens a new window with just the file.