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Changing the color of new lines to be green

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  • Changing the color of new lines to be green

    Hi all,
    I am sort of new to Beyondcompare and I can see is very powerful.
    One thing I don't like and I have tried to change in options but it's not available is to change the color of new lines to be green.

    I am a c# developer and coming from visual studio source control compare, the new lines are green and removed are red.
    Whilst in beyond compare everything by default is red.

    How can I change new line to be green,I think you can do it for folders but not for files.It's very confusing.

    many thanks

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    We have full color customization in BC4's Tools menu -> Options dialog, Colors/Fonts section, in the File View tab. We do not have a separate color for New or Older in the file view, but Orphan is for changes that only appear on one side. For aligned differences, text is Red if Important or Blue if Unimportant (blue changes can then be hidden with the Ignore Unimportant Differences toggle). Importance is controlled in the Session Settings, while the grammar definitions are controlled by the File Format.

    While older, the Where Various Options are Set video might be useful for you and concepts are the same for BC4:
    Aaron P Scooter Software


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      Thanks for your reply.
      I have done what you said and still no luck.

      Basically for testing sake in trying to simulate a code change I have done as follows:

      1)I have created a new txt file called "Test1.txt" and added a line "hello".
      2)Copied that textFile now "Test1Copy.txt" and added another new line "Hello again"
      3)Compared the 2 files and "Hello Again " is in red.
      4)Went to Tools -->Options--Colors->Fonts-->FileViews and found orphans and is set to I different color other than red
      Which means that my change comes under "Important difference" and not orphan.

      I hope I am wrong and I am missing the obvious,but to me is very wrong if new added line

      as a developer Some times i need to show code to collegues and people not used to go compare they find "RED" very confusing.

      Red means "Delete" in many sourceControl systems eg visual studio inbuilt one.
      Green means "New line"

      Doing the same with 2 folders "FolderA" has no folder "FolderB" has an extra folder "AAAFolder" comparing FolderA and B gives an orphan folder which i have customized to be green .And it works as it should. You cannot do this for files. Am I Wrong?

      How can I achieve this behaviour when comparing files?
      many thanks


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        BC4 uses the foreground font color of characters to reflect if specific characters are Important Different, Unimportant Different, or Equal. The background color is then used for the status (a difference aligned to another difference, or an orphan line). The expected results would be a purple/orphan background coloring, while the specific text that is different is Red or Blue. These colors can be changed, but the concepts would be static. You could change Purple to Green, but this would be Green for any orphan line backgrounds on either side, and the foreground text will have Important or Unimportant coloring.

        You can right click the Display Filter section (Show All, Different, Same) and switch to Toggles mode. In Toggles mode you can enable Orphan Right separately, and disable the other toggles, so you can then show only specific types of changes.
        Aaron P Scooter Software


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          Sorry about that. It was just brought to my attention that I missed mentioning the title and location of the option which alters the background color and uses the Orphan coloring:

          In the Tools menu -> Options, Tweaks section, in the Editor Display area enable "Use orphan colors" in order to see the behavior I describe above. With this option enabled, the background color of orphan lines will be purple instead of red (customizable). The text coloring will still retain the color of the comparison (red = important, blue = unimportant, black = equal).

          Update: the color customization is in the Options dialog, Colors/Fonts, then click the File Views tab. Under Compare Colors there is Orphan (along with Important, Unimportant, etc)
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          Aaron P Scooter Software