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Compare Contents not changing color to black when files match

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  • Compare Contents not changing color to black when files match

    I just purchased the pro version of BC 4 for Windows. I'm using it to compare a Windows folder to a folder on a Linux machine using SFTP. When I select all of the files and do a 'Compare Contents', I wold expect the color to change to black if the files are the same. This is not happening. If I double click on a file to open a new tab displaying the file contents and then close that tab, the color changes to black (of course, only when the files are the same). I'm guessing this has something to do with the fact that I'm using SFTP or that I'm comparing Windows files to Linux files. I have over 4 thousand files to compare so opening each one is not a viable option. This has always worked for me when comparing windows files (and I've been using BC for years). Thanks for any help.

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    See the solution at


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      That is related to his KB article:

      Of important note, the center column shows the comparison status. If a Binary scan is returning they are unequal with a red unequal sign, then the files are different. The Rules-based scan is only comparing the visible file information, so assuming text files it can ignore differences in white space, line ending character, or metadata in the file
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