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  • File dedupe?

    Does Beyond Compare include any file deduping tools?
    I am not finding "dedupe" in any of the help files.

    If yes, can someone please point me to the docs?

    If no,

    1. Please add this to the "feature request" list.
    Perhaps it would work like this:

    * the user right-clicks a file, selects "find duplicates"
    and get a file dialog to select the folder to look under
    (defaulting to the current file's folder)
    with a checkbox for "search subdirectories".

    * User clicks "find" and the results are displayed in a list,
    where the files can be deleted, compared, or moved.

    * Or the user right-clicks a folder, selects "find duplicates"
    and sees a dialog to enter some preferences -
    ie include subfolders, filename pattern
    (semicolon-delimited list of filename wildcards to limit to,
    for example "*.txt;*.rtf;*.htm;*.html" would only look for
    duplicate text, rtf and html files), etc.

    * User clicks "find" and all duplicates for the
    selected files are displayed as above.

    2. Can someone recommend a solid file deduping desktop app for Windows?

    Any help much appreciated...

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    BC4 does not support duplication finding. Our Folder Compare aligns files by file name first, then performs scans on the aligned pairs. Supporting alignment based on other criteria or scanning for duplicates is on our wishlist. There are specific Duplicate File Finder software which might better serve your needs; these software packages usually focus on just this task of listing duplicates.
    Aaron P Scooter Software