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How to generate a report of only right side differences?

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  • How to generate a report of only right side differences?

    I am comparing 2 text files side by side in the Graphical User Interface of Beyond Compare. I want to be able to save the right side as a text file, with only the differences.

    When I try Session > Table Compare Report > Interleaved report layout, the program generates an output file that is 763mb which is too large! My left and right files are around 50mb each. How can I get ONLY the rows that have differences, and ONLY from the right side table?

    I also ideally want to be able to execute the same Session with new data each day. What should I do?

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    We do not have a report style that is Only Right differences. We can set the Display Filters to show only Right Orphans (unaligned to a left line) and can generate a report that is only these differences, but if you need to generate a report that contains aligned and unaligned differences of the right file, the best method is to use the Display filters to limit to Differences: this shows only the content you want in a report in the right pane. Next: Select All, Copy, and Paste the right side into a new tab or Tools menu -> Text Edit. This would paste the plain text of only differences on the right side into a new file, which can then be saved.
    Aaron P Scooter Software