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Feature Request: force SINGLE process

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  • Feature Request: force SINGLE process

    Hi all, just started using BC4 & it's beyond amazing. Kudos!

    I've got some questions/ideas so I'll do them in separate threads in case some are already covered. So:

    1. compare 2 folders, revealing lots of discrepancies
    2. select a bunch of subfolders on the left, select "copy to right", it stacks up the queue of files to transfer and gives you the ETA and progress bar. Noice!
    3. WHILE THAT'S RUNNING, do something else, e.g. select a folder or file & "copy to left", or delete a file.

    This job then starts immediately in a separate job queue. My request: would it be possible to have BC add new tasks to the end of the existing job queue? And better still, allow the user to set which jobs get added to a new or separate queue, e.g. copying:existing. deleting:new.

    Thoughts? I find I'm having to wait for big copying tasks to finish before actioning new ones, to avoid having loads of job queues all inefficiently being done simultaneously. I could better spend that time zipping through the actionables queue hurling jobs on the pile for the CPUs & network to deal with when they have time.


    [Version 4.1.3 (build 20814) on xubuntu 15.10]

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    Thanks for the feedback. This option is on our wishlist, but is not supported in the current version. Our current behavior matches the local file explorer, which performs simultaneous transfers. FTP transfers can be limited if the total number of connections is already in use.
    Aaron P Scooter Software


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      Thanks dude. And thanks for the feedback in general, it's great to see someone from a company who actually browses/replies on their own forum!!