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  • VHDL language support

    Would it be possible to get VHDL language support?

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    I've attached a partial file format for VHDL contributed by one of our customers. It defines a comment and some keywords. It's associated with the file mask *.vhd.

    To import the file format, double click on it or use the "Tools > Import Settings" command.

    If you need to add extensions to the file mask after importing the format, open "Tools > File Formats". Select the VHDL format, then add items to the Mask value in the General tab. Multiple masks are separated with semicolons, example "*.vhd;*.vhdl". Additional keywords, operators, and other grammar elements can be defined in the Grammar tab.

    Edit: See my following post for a revised VHDL format.
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    Chris K Scooter Software


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      It looks like the keywords highlight at any point in a string. For example, if I have a signal called together the "to" portion would be highlighted as to is a vhdl keyword. Is there an easy way to add a regular expression around all the keywords where the matching only occurs if there are spaces, parentheses, brackets, etc on either side of a keyword or does each one need to be modified by hand? Or is there a setting that can be used to force this to occur?


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        I've attached a revised VHDL format that includes an identifier grammar definition. It should resolve the keyword highlighting problem you described. It's based on the Compact Summary of VHDL web page.
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        Chris K Scooter Software


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          Hi Chris,

          thanks for your VHDL Grammer, it is working fine. It would be nice, if you add it to your "Additional File Formats" page, so everyone can find it easily.

          Best regards


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            Thanks. We've updated the Additional File Formats website with a copy of this format.
            Aaron P Scooter Software