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Compare top colum values in CSV files

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  • Compare top colum values in CSV files

    I am doing exports of data to CSV files and then need to import an altered CSV file. My problem is the new CSV files have column headers that might not match up that I need to identify and fix before importing. I must be missing how to compare column header names to determine differences. The columns would look something like below with new columns I will need to populate in the second file. For example the first one I want to compare the old file had 138 different columns while the new file has 145. I need to see the 7 column headers that don't match in order to add them to the old file and populate them with data.

    Value 1, Value 2, Value 3

    Value 1, Value 2, Value a, Value 3

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    Beyond Compare's default settings detect if the first line is a column header or data. If it detects as a column header, it will use the headers from the left file and won't display the headers with the other data.

    To force the first line in each file to be treated as data so it is displayed, click the Format toolbar button in the Table Compare. In the Type tab, change "First line contains" from "Detect" to "Cell data".
    Chris K Scooter Software