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"Parameter is incorrect" on larger folder compare reports

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  • "Parameter is incorrect" on larger folder compare reports


    Currently on 4.1.3, build 20814, running Win10. If I try to generate a folder compare report, whether through scripting or through the GUI, I get "The parameter is incorrect" when comparing folders with many files and subfolders. If I filter out enough files so the file and folder count is reduced sufficiently, the problem goes away.

    For example, I have a test case where I'm comparing a folder of 60,000+ files to an empty folder. The populated folder has files pretty evenly distributed through a folder tree about 7-10 levels deep. Trying to generate a report causes the error. If I drop the file count below roughly 45,000, then no error appears. For this particular test, 45,000, give or take a hundred, seems to be the magic threshold. 46,000 always fails, 44,000 always works.

    The problem is consistent no matter if I try summary, xml, rules-based, or binary comparison.

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    Do you have the "Include links to file reports" option also enabled in the Folder Compare Report dialog? This would generate file reports for every file pair, and you could be hitting a memory limit. If you check the Help menu -> About dialog, are you running the 64bit version of BC4.1.3?

    If you could post a screenshot of your Folder Compare Report dialog, that would help. Including your Session menu -> Folder Compare Info dialog would also be useful as a summary of information. You can post here or email us privately at including a link back to this forum thread for our reference.
    Aaron P Scooter Software