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How do you disable sessions mangement in bc4

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  • How do you disable sessions mangement in bc4

    I used to go into options in bc3 (tools-options-general), take a checkmark out of the box to disable sessions management. I've looked in bc4 options and can find no where to disable sessions. how is it done now? I also used to have a "select left folder to compare... in the explorer object menu in bc3, that's also gone with bc4. How do I get that back? I've been to bc4 tools-options and put a checkmark in the box that says include bc in explorer context menu yet nothing shows up in the object menu (context) for explorer. This has been total frustration so far. The version of bc4 is 4.1.3. I've reinstalled this program several times now with no change. (this is win7x64ult.) looking in help doesn't seem to matter either.

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    In BC4, the disabled session management is the default view.

    In BC3, this option was Include Session management and was enabled by default. When disabled, it would hide the "Edit" information which showed session details like folder paths, Disable Editing options, and other session settings.
    BC4 hides this panel by default. If you select a session then click the Edit button, we will then temporarily show this information while in the current tab; once you close the tab or open a session, returning to the Home view will not show the Edit information.

    However, if you have clicked the Pin icon in the upper right corner of the Edit dialog, then the information would stay open and pinned even when closing the Home screen. Click the Pin to disable the pinned behavior, which should show 3 buttons: the Pin, an Expand box, and a Close button. Click the Close button to close the unpinned Edit pane.

    This will leave you with only the Saved Sessions list and the New Session buttons, which matches the BC3 interface if "Include session management" is disabled. If this isn't what you expect, could you include a screenshot of BC3's Home screen and what it currently looks like, and I can help determine what other options we would need to change in BC4 to get it close to your BC3 configuration.
    Aaron P Scooter Software