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Mirror - need deletes to happen before copies

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  • Mirror - need deletes to happen before copies

    (I'm sure this has come up before but find no clear discussion the forums)

    I use "Mirror" to back up whole drives. Now I'm at the point where both the source (left) and target (right) drives are nearly full. After I change many folder names on the source, the mirror operation fails because it tries to copy the "new" material to the target before deleting the "old" items there, and there isn't enough space.

    I understand that Mirror probably does the copies first for safety. But in this case I need to do the deletes first, to free up space on the target drive. Can I force that?


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    Thanks for the suggestion. We don't currently support this, but it's on our wishlist. In the meantime, you would need to issue the delete manually first in a Folder Compare. Set the Display Folders to show the different files on the destination side, then delete. Then perform the copy or mirror from the source to the destination.
    Aaron P Scooter Software


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      I suggest just adding a checkbox to the Mirror Preview / Confirmation screen for "Delete first". This box would be unchecked by default and would be non-sticky i.e. the user would have to purposely set it each time.



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        Hi - I just ran into this too. By definition, it is possible to mirror Drive A to Drive B when they are identical drives. But as the OP mentioned, BC seems to copy first, then delete, which does fail by running out of space. Nothing like getting 39522 errors on a simple drive to drive mirror operation.

        Two years later, the problem remains in 4.2.3? I didn't see any checkbox for "delete first", but maybe it's not where was looking?
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          Sorry, BC 4.2.3 doesn't provide an option to delete first when using the mirror command. It's still on our list for a future version.
          Chris K Scooter Software


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            Hi Chris,

            I was looking in the help file for BC4, and I find:

            Mirror to Right
            Replaces all different items on right, deletes any right-side orphans, and copies any left-side orphans to the right.
            Mirror to Left
            Replaces all different items on left, deletes any left-side orphans, and copies any right-side orphans to the left.

            If BC operated in that manner, with the steps in that order, the problem would be mostly eliminated. The possible failure would be if the "different items" have become larger.

            It appears that BC actually implements Mirror to Left as: "Replaces all different items on left, copies any right-side orphans to the left, then deletes any left-side orphans, "

            I mention this because the fact that the function is not working as documented could enable you to move it from the "wish list" to the "bug fix" list, and perhaps could be considered sooner.


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              The documentation is not an list of ordered operations, but a list of each operation the queue can perform. We can look into updating the documentation to be more clear. It's still on our wishlist to delete first automatically. As a workaround, you can set the Display Filters to show the items you want to delete on the destination side, and manually delete them before committing the Sync action. Please note that we do not offer an Undo, so please review the current criteria and selection of files before committing the delete or sync.
              Aaron P Scooter Software