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enable editing for table compare (comparing two spreadsheets)

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  • enable editing for table compare (comparing two spreadsheets)


    I got Beyond Compare because I do a lot of spreadsheet merging and comparisons. The spreadsheets I use are both standard Excel Workbooks and Macro-Enabled Workbooks. I can't seem to enable editing when I do table compare. On Session Settings, Disable Editing is unchecked and beyond that, I don't know where else to check. It would be great to be able to merge a version that someone has worked on to my version, which is the book of record, using Beyond Compare. How can I enable editing for table compare?


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    MS Excel comparisons allow for viewing the file contents, but we do not currently support editing. In order to display the files, we use an automated call to your install of Excel to convert the file form xls to txt. Unfortunately, Excel does not provide a method to save back as .xlsx format, so we cannot edit and save in that format.

    If you need to perform editing, I would recommend using Excel to perform a Save As CSV or other text based delimited format. BC4 can then open and edit these files without a conversion, and the files can then also be opened in Excel. An alternative is to open the files in BC4's Table Compare, then copy/paste the cells back into Excel or a new Table Compare.

    Adding Excel editing support is on our wishlist, but not a feature we'll be able to tackle short term.
    Aaron P Scooter Software


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      Sometimes I have to compare two excel files and change one of them, so I do this.
      I start a folder comparison and keep it open.
      From there I select the two excel files and compare them, and I keep open also this file comparison.
      Now, I see that I have to change something on the file on the left side, for example.
      I go backup to folder comparison, I select the file and press ctrl+alt+enter, that is my short-cut for open with associated application.
      Excel starts and opens the file.
      I change what I have to do.
      Then I save the file and close excel.
      I go back to the file comparison.
      I get a message that says that B.C. saw that the files have been modified and asks if I want to compare the new versions.
      I say yes, so B.C. reloads them and re-compares them.
      And again I see if I have to change something else, go back to ctrl+alt+enter, and so on.
      In my case, for changes that I have to do, this suits my taste.


      Rodolfo Giovanninetti