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Finding duplicate files in dissimilar folders

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  • Finding duplicate files in dissimilar folders

    I have two totally different folders whch each contain a large number of files, many of which are duplicated in the other folder and I want to locate and delete the duplicates. I'm not looking for duplicates within either of these folders but where both folders have the same file. Each of these folders contains a different nested folder structure and the duplicates could be anywhere inside either folder and their nests. I don't want either folder to be altered except that I want to identify and remove the duplicate files.

    Is there a way I can use BC4 to search for these duplicates?

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    We do not have a Duplicate Finding function in BC4 that scans a single top folder for any duplicates of different named files that appear within.

    If you have two top folders you would like to compare against, and the file names are equal but the folder structure has changed, you can use the Ignore Folder Structure option to remove the folders. This aligns all files by just file name, regardless of which folder they are in.
    Aaron P Scooter Software


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      Hi Aaron,

      Your advice about two folders with identical file names was exactly what I needed.

      Many thanks