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  • Comparing Different Positions In Files

    Hello, I'm new to BC4 Pro and was wondering if the following function is available. I would like to compare two text files. In the first text field, a key field is in position, say, positions 5-10. In the second text file which is being compared, the same key is in positions 15-20. So, if the word "hello" is found in positions 5-10 on the first file and "hello" is found in positions 15-20 in the second file, can BC4 Pro be set up to just compare those two positions instead of the whole file?

    Ultimately, we will have 5 "key fields" in both the first file and second file which will be in different positions between the two files. Can a profile be set up to compare these 5 key "fields" (predefined via absolute positioning between the two files) so that only those fields in specific locations will be compared?

    Thank you.


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    BC4's Table Compare can be defined to detect columns by delimiters or fixed width. Once the columns are defined, you can then use the Session Settings to align columns to columns to match up your Keys, and define them as the Key. Multiple columns together can be a Key, and together form the unique identifier which is then sorted and aligned by.

    We do not currently detect which columns should align. Would you have a Header that could be searched, or would it only be data?
    Aaron P Scooter Software


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      Thank you. This would only be data, therefore there are no headers.

      Guess maybe I'm just looking for some direction here. I read the help files and set up my table compare and columns but cannot get the first column in file 1 (pos 1-4) to compare against 4th column in file 2 (pos 13-16).

      How would I compare Column 1 (defined as key) on the first file (on left) to Column 4 (defined as key) on the second file (on right)?


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        To change column alignment in Beyond Compare 4's Table Compare, click the Rules toolbar button (referee icon). Go to the Columns tab. Select a left or right file column, then use the up and down arrows to reorder columns. You can also double click on a column in the dialog to edit the column settings (Key, Standard, Unimportant, etc).
        Chris K Scooter Software