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How can I compare HTML files in "WYSIWYG" view?

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  • How can I compare HTML files in "WYSIWYG" view?

    I have two HTML files containing (almost) the same content.

    Due to the use of two differenct authoring tools it's hard to compare the HTML source they created because one authoring tool breaks long source code lines while the other doesn't.

    So I want to compare both files *after* HTML white-space canonicalization has taken place. Either the canonicalized source or the resulting HTML in "WYSIWYG" view.

    Is this possible with Beyond Compare?

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    Have you tried HTML Tidy? See

    This is a third party converter that cleans up your HTML before BC compares the files


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      Great! This solution sounds quite intriguing.

      One question I have: In the description it reads: "This format will supercede a default file format." - Won't I be able to return to the original HTML comparison then? I would prefer if I could switch between different HTML comparison modes. Particularly I would want to switch between original HTML comparison, HTML Tidied comparison and HTML to Text comparison. Would this be possible?

      BTW: From the HTML Tidy documentation I read that there is a new version available supporting HTML5. Is this new version used by the BC4 format add-in?
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        Not sure about the new version (maybe someone from Scooter can chime in?).

        If you install the HTML Tidy format in BC, you can select which one (default HTML or HTML Tidy) is used for HTML comparisons in the Tools | File Formats menu (this dialog lets you reorder the installed formats; the top one that matches the file you are processing is the default, others can be selected from the dropdown in the comparison panes).


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          Not yet, but you can plug any utility in as the External Conversion if you want to give it a spin.
          Aaron P Scooter Software


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            Excellent! Thanks for helping me out on this. I'll give it a try tonight.