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Select all files and folders and display only files with diffs

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  • Select all files and folders and display only files with diffs

    In BeyondCompare 3, I could just;

    1. Select two folders for Compare
    2. Hit Ctrl + A to select all items on the two screens
    3. Click on an Icon (Show Diff Only) and it would show only files and folders that are different between the two screens.

    In BC 4, the Show Diffs only does not work, it highlights files in red color even though the two file are the same,

    In short how do i filter to show only files that contain diffs? This Show Diffs button on BC seems broken.



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    The Red color indicates that BC4 is currently configured in a way that detects those files as changed. You probably have updated BC3 settings to run the comparison scan differently.
    The Show Differences display filter should show files that are red (or purple if Orphans). So it sounds like that is working correctly, you just need to alter BC4's configuration so it considers the files the same and ignores their differences.

    How are the files the same? Are they the same content, but have different timestamps or sizes? The default scan is timestamp/size, but a Rules-based content scan would compare the text within and could use that as the result. We have details on that here:
    Aaron P Scooter Software