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Using Unimportant marker: Manually marking text

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  • Using Unimportant marker: Manually marking text

    Hi all,

    I'm a tech writer and I'm using BC to find the differences in our command line syntax between our current release and our previous release to verify that I've documented all the changes. I was using "Ignored" to clear each change as I updated the documents, but as covered in other forum topics, this is not persistent across BC sessions.

    In the other forum topics I've seen, I need to use "Unimportant" instead, but is there a way to manually assign a line of text as "unimportant"? From what I've seen, other people are defining variables or entering the text string to be ignored into Grammar tab, etc. The thing is, I don't want to automatically ignore anything. I want to manually tick off each difference as I address it in the documentation and have it be saved from session to session.

    So basically, the "Ignore" function exactly, but persisted between sessions so I know where I left off.

    Any hope for this?


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    Sorry, Beyond Compare doesn't provide a way to save "Ignored" text with a saved session. This is on our feature wish list for a future version.

    There also isn't a way to assign a specific line as unimportant or to select text and make it unimportant with a command.

    To define unimportant text, you'll need to follow the instructions on our website:
    Chris K Scooter Software


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      I'm wondering if, since you are manually specifying the 'unimportant' changes, you might be able to use 'Replacements' instead. Replacements are saved as part of a session's settings.

      As you review the difference between two files, you can select some text on one side, right click, and then specify a text string that should be considered equivalent on the other side. So, for example, if the command line option "/option_save" has been changed to "/option_store" you can define these strings to be equivalent when doing the comparison and they won't show as differences in the GUI or any generated reports.

      I don't know if this would help for your use case, but I thought I would bring it up in case it might.

      BTW - to the Scooter team. On a related note, I'd really like to see an option in the reports to list the replacements and any other options (like 'ignore white space') that would indicate to a reviewer of the report what options were used to generate the report.


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        Thanks for the suggestions. Replacements are usually used if there's a specific substitution that needs to be ignored, while Unimportance is used for a specific text section that is unimportant regardless of what it is aligned to.

        As for the reporting options, we do not currently support exposing this information on the report level, but I'll add this feedback to our Customer Wishlist.
        Aaron P Scooter Software