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Automating mapping a drive

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  • Automating mapping a drive

    Is it possible to map a drive before running a session in BC4? Before I can run one of my sessions in BC4 it is necessary to have a drive mapped (which I do manually with a batch file).

    So I:

    1) Run batch file to map drive
    2) Then I run the saved session to do what I need to

    Is it possible to have BC4 map the drive before I run the session?

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    No, BC4 does not support the act of mapping the drive. This is normally an OS function, and using the batch file is probably the best method. You could even add the script call to BC4 within that bat file as a command after the mapping.

    Update: I should add, BC4 can also directly access a \\networkName\folder, ftp://user@address/, and other protocol methods if these work better than mapping to a drive letter first. BC4 Pro includes WebDav support for example.
    Aaron P Scooter Software


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      BC4 does not map a network location to a drive letter, but generally you could access the network location directly using the syntax:
      Windows - \\server\folder\
      Linux\MacOS - smb://server/folder/

      Do this direct address syntax folders work for you?
      Aaron P Scooter Software


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        On the pc You can manage Local Users and Groups.
        You can right click on the pc icon and choose Manage.
        Or, You can use "lusrmgr.msc".
        Anyway, then You can change settings for the user.
        I attach here an example (taken with Windows 10).
        I suggest that You DO NOT use drive "Z:", since it is used by Windows itself.


        Rodolfo Giovanninetti