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How to copy datestamp/timestamp from one side to another for identical files?

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  • How to copy datestamp/timestamp from one side to another for identical files?

    I'm working with 2 copies of a folder tree.

    When I initially load them in Beyond Compare, I see some folders appear as reds and greys (grays). Expanding on those folders shows the files causing this. When I do a full content comparison of the folder trees, the comparison completes with both sides binary exact as I expect. The reason for the initial difference is that the dates of the files are different.

    As I am working with these files over several sessions over time, I load them in each time and observe the initial differences and have to do a full comparison to confirm that they are the same, which takes time.

    What I'd prefer is to be able to copy just the date stamp/time stamp attributes from one side to the other so that on initial load, they appear identical (for the files that actually are identical). At the moment what I do is, once having fully compared the files, I actually copy-overwrite one side to the other, which is a bit of a blunt approach and takes time.

    Regarding which side's date to use. In some cases I want the side with the older dates as this represents the original date at which the file was created, in other cases using the side with the later date would be fine. But I'd like to be able to choose which side's attributes I copy to the other.

    Couldn't see an option to do this in Beyond Compare 4 nor 3.

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    If You right click on a file or on a directory, it appears a menu.
    One entry is "Touch...".
    If You select it, You can choose if You want to set a specific date&time, or if You want to copy from the other side.
    So, You have to do this right click on files/directories for which You want to change the timestamps.
    You can even assign a key shortcut, in my case I use CTRL+ALT+T.


    Rodolfo Giovanninetti


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      Rodolfo is correct. After the binary completes, switch to show only equal files with the Show Same display filter, then Select All Files, and use the Touch command to set the Last Modified timestamp to be copied from one side to the other.

      How does this work for you?
      Aaron P Scooter Software


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        Thanks Rodolfo for sharing your knowledge of the tool in this regard and thanks Aaron for confirming Rodolfo's answer and further advice.

        I can see that this would work for me and I'll check it out when I next get to look at the files which may be this evening UK time or at the weekend.

        Thanks Rodolfo and Aaron!