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Updated file in a zip shows unchanged date

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  • Updated file in a zip shows unchanged date

    I updated one file inside a ZIP using the 7Z update command. But BC 4.0.1 19165 showed the ZIP file as identical to a backup copy of the original, and showed the updated file with its original modified date in both files. After I opened the 'identical' updated file in a BC file comparison, it showed the correct dates and a difference between the old and new files (they were the same size). And now the second ZIP has been updated in other places, and opening the ZIPs in a new copy shows the date correctly for the original updated file.

    In the original problem state, I tried opening the new ZIP in Winzip, 7Z and WinRAR, and all showed the updated file with its correct date and new content. But comparing the ZIP with itself in BC showed the old date of the updated file. The file is in a folder in the ZIP.

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    If you updated a file external to BC4, you will need to issue a Refresh to the Folder Compare to display the updated information.

    I quickly ran through a test with an open .zip in BC4, which I then used 7zip's graphical interface to load the same zip, open a file within the zip, edit the text file, then 7zip prompted me to update the .zip (which I confirmed yes). This updated the timestamp in the .zip and I then went back to BC4 and used F5 (Quick Refresh) to update that view with the new, correct timestamp.
    Do you see the same behavior if you follow the same steps? If you are following different steps can you provide additional details?

    Also, all 4.x updates are free for 4.x users. I would recommend updating to at least 4.0.7 for those bug fixes, and if you are able: help us test BC4.1's beta for the wide range of fixes and features it incorporates.
    Aaron P Scooter Software


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      Related issue

      I have a related but much more serious issue. Tested on V3.3.13

      Steps to reproduce:
      1. Keep Beyond Compare open throughout this process by keeping an unrelated tab open
      2. Make a copy of a JAR file with a different name but same contents
      3. Select the two files in explorer and compare using right-click
      4. Select all files inside jar and choose Compare Contents (my default is binary mode)
      5. Double-click any text file and open up compare window
      6. Close file compare tab and JAR (folder) compare tab. Don't allow BC to close.
      7. Outside of BC, open up one of the JARs and edit that text file
      8. Select both files in explorer and compare using right-click
      9. Select all and choose Compare Contents
      10. The differing files will show as Same=
      11. Double-click to view contents. Contents will be equivalent
      12. Click Refresh. View is now corrected.

      Thank you!


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        Thanks for the report. For step 7, which program are you using to extract/navigate into the .jar and then which editor are you using to edit a text file within the jar? I'm testing out different combinations, but WinRAR for example, prompts to apply the new version and update the .jar which then works without refreshing. I fully expect a different combination will repeat the behavior you are seeing.
        Aaron P Scooter Software


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          I was able to reproduce this by modifying step 7. I would open a .zip using Explorer, and drag the file out of the zip. Editing the file in a way that kept the file size and dragging it back would then result in the behavior you are seeing. I've opened a tracker entry to investigate.
          Aaron P Scooter Software


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            Thank you for looking into this!

            In my process, I used 7-zip gui to open the jar file and drag from there to a folder in Explorer (Windows 7). I opened the text file in Notepad++ (adding text). After saving, I dragged the file back over to 7-zip to update. The file size increased by 5 bytes.

            Hope this helps!