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BC Beta v4.1.0.20431: Stable enough for main usage ?

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  • BC Beta v4.1.0.20431: Stable enough for main usage ?

    The latest beta doesn't appear to have that many changes/fixes in the couple of months since the previous beta. I've read of 3 bug reports/differences from 4.0.7, but they aren't to do with comparing of text files or folders, which is my main use-case.

    Is the latest considered stable enough to be used for critical comparison work, or should I stick to 4.0.7 for the time being ?
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    Build 20431 has only been available for about one day, so we couldn't say if it's stable enough for main work. The initial BC 4.1 beta build was pretty stable, and we haven't encountered any serious issues with it.

    The latest BC 4.1 beta can be installed as a Portable install for testing, if you are able to help us test. Or you can export your current 4.0.7 settings using the Tools menu -> Export, create a Portable 4.0.7 install and Import your settings, then upgrade your main install to the 4.1 beta.
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      I'm digging into the crashes right now, and there only appears to be one new one that's showed up with any frequency, and it's on shutdown, so it shouldn't cause problems. I've been using 4.1 64-bit as my primary install for months and it hasn't eaten anything. Aaron's response is the official company line though.
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