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Feature Request: Use a well defined language format

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  • Feature Request: Use a well defined language format

    It would be super awesome if Beyond Compare supported .tmLanguage or .sublime-syntax or atom's .cson language definitions.

    There is plenty of documentation on these formats:
    And Atom at least supports converting from tmLanguage to their cson format automatically. This would be a major feature but would let users leverage a huge number of other language definitions.

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    Thanks for the suggestion. Beyond Compare 4 supports both in-box file formats, and you can also create your own custom formats. We have a few examples for download in our Additional Downloads section. We also have a guide for creating grammar items (and then optionally making them Unimportant) here:

    Once a grammar is defined, you can assign it a custom color in the Options dialog, Colors/Fonts, File Views tab: scroll down to the custom element names.

    It looks like these file types are text based, but if they need a conversion from binary -> text, BC4's External Conversion could be used.

    I'm not familiar with this type of format so it would probably be quicker for you to create the format and grammars and ask us if you need any help with specific definitions or functionality. We can then help get the format working the way you expect it to.
    Aaron P Scooter Software


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      Thanks for the suggestion. On reading your post, it sounds like you want to import .tmLanguage, .sublime-syntax, .cson to create Beyond Compare file formats. I'll add this to our feature wish list for a future version of Beyond Compare.
      Chris K Scooter Software