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Unsure how to interpret this comparison result

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  • Unsure how to interpret this comparison result

    I'm evaluating Beyond Compare (which I love so far), and using it to compare one unorganized pile of images with another unorganized pile of images, in an attempt to remove duplicates. The attached screenshot shows for a particular file name, I have 6 versions in one repository (with various numbers of dupes), and a single version of the file in another (again duped).

    Click image for larger version

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    It's telling me that 2 versions of the file are different (which is true), but I would have expected it to tell me that it found at least one file that was identical. If I do a binary compare of the first file (left pane) with any file in the right, they are identical.

    I'm sure I'm just not using this correctly, or maybe there's another way to do "pile of stuff" to "pile of stuff" comparisons.

    Thanks for any help you can give,

    Andrew Moore.
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    Thanks for posting the screenshot. BC4's basic alignment occurs before the comparison; once aligned, we then run the comparison criteria on the aligned pairs. Because of this, we recommend that all file names are unique on one side if Ignore Folder Structure is used, so that unique pairs align correctly and are then compared. Otherwise, you can use Align With to manually push the alignment around, or select any two files and right-click Quick Compare to manually.

    When Ignore Folder Structure is enabled, we don't have the folder structure to provide unique alignment and don't currently support pre-scan scanning all potential matches. Improving this is something on our wishlist, but is not a feature we currently support.
    Aaron P Scooter Software