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Comparing first few letters of file names

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  • Comparing first few letters of file names

    How do I do this?

    I want to compare just the first few letter/numbers of file names to get matches.

    So DS 000000 Test text.txt will line up with DS 000000 Test.txt


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    Normally, BC4's Folder Compare aligns by folder structure and file name. These need to match for the files to then align in the view and be automatically scanned. If you have BC4 Pro, you can create an Alignment Override to align by a rule such as:
    (.*)text\.txt = $1.txt

    This would work in this case, but the destination (right) side must have any different characters explicitly defined. If 00000 changed to 11111, you would need to include that text: = $1 11111.txt. The right side does not support a mask. You can test this in trial mode:

    If this is a one-off occurrence, you can select any 2 files (Ctrl+Click), right click, and Quick Compare to compare any two unaligned files.
    Aaron P Scooter Software