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Feature request: one-to-many copy option

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  • Feature request: one-to-many copy option

    I am currently involved in a small programming project which involves builds for several platforms, windows 32 and 64 bit, mac and some variants (demos etc).

    Everytime we make a change in a shared file, e.g. the manual or release notes, macros, plugins etc we have to copy those files one by one to each of the distribution folders.

    I would like a function where you can select files to be copied to many locations at once. I would probably involve some kind of initial setup (recording) of the destination folders. Once done it should be possible to copy selected files and/or folders to a destination-set. Options could be overwrite-always, overwrite-never, overwrite-newer, overwrite-older, and overwrite-promt-all

    For my particular project I can live with having to repeat each copy eight times for every change, but I could imagine it could be a massive time saver for others.

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    Are the locations the same each time? Could you use a criteria to select the files that need to be copied (left.newer.files left.orphan.files)? If so, we could use a script to load each locations sequentially, scan for changes, then perform the copy? Another method would be to save 8 tabs, each pointing from the Source to Destination 1,2,3,etc, then save this configuration as a Workspace. You could then click through each tab and perform a sync to bring any changes over. This requires 8 clicks, which isn't quite as automated a method, but would it work for this type of sync?
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      Yes, in my particular case the destination would be the same every time and always newer than the file on the destination (always-overwrite would also work since the destination would always contain an older version than the one I am updating).
      I am embarrassed to admit it but I never used scripts in BC. How would a simple script that copies selected files to the fixed locations look like?

      Your second option is pretty much what I do now, exept that I move to the base ('Set as base') of each distrubution each time I copy ;-)

      In the long run, I could imagine programmers maintaining several distributions with some common files in all could benefit from a more generic version of such a function.