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  • Feature Suggestion: Search

    What about a feature that would allow you to search for files using wildcards (or regex) to compare against? Frequently I wind up searching for files to compare versions or contents. It would be much nicer to do this from within the tool. By the way, I've been using Beyond Compare since V2 and have never seen anything that is even close. I actually managed to convince an entire development team to switch to this tool (vs the built-in tool in our version control system(s)). Thank you for all the hard work!


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    Would BC4's Pro feature Alignment Overrides help? If your files have a specific version change in their name, you could define a RegEx or DOS mask to match, like

    If the file pair matches this definition, it will then be aligned when comparing between two folders. If not, could you provide an example of the file you have, and the action you are then trying to take on another file?
    Aaron P Scooter Software