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"Added 64-bit (x86-64) native installs" in Beta 4.1 ?

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  • "Added 64-bit (x86-64) native installs" in Beta 4.1 ?

    Dear Sir,

    I have Windows 8.1 - 64Bit on two machines. As I install the 4.1 Beta on both of them - In normal mode on one of them and Portable mode on another; I see that "About" Screen of the portable install shows "32-bit Edition". Is it by design.

    Further; please guide what benefits to expect on 64Bit Editions.

    With Regards

    Sanjiv Bansal

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    On my pc with Windows 8.1 Pro 64, I see this.
    In normal mode it is 64 bits.
    In portable mode it is 32 bits.
    I understand the reason for which the portable version is 32 bits.
    Since it is portable, You do not know on which machine it will be used.
    But, in this way, in portable mode, You do not have the benefit of 64 bits.
    So, one idea might be this.
    When You create the portable files, You put two versions of each.
    So, for example, "BCompare64.exe", "7z64.dll", "BCUnrar64.dll", and the homologous for 32 bits.
    Each exe file loads its own dll.
    You might put these files with specific filenames also in the normal mode.
    Also, a generic "BCompare.exe" could detect on which platform it is running and spawn the correct exe file.
    I see that there are NOT two different "" and "BComp.exe". Is it correct?

    Thank You and regards

    Rodolfo Giovanninetti


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      That's a good idea. We weren't able to get something like this into the initial 4.1 release, but we'll look into if it's something we can do.

      In the meantime, 64bit support is not currently available in a Portable Install. To test 64bit, create a Portable 4.0.7 and Import your current settings to create a 4.0.7 executable, then run the BCompareSetup of the 4.1 beta and Upgrade your existing install.
      Aaron P Scooter Software