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Windows 7 BC4 copy failure "the parameter is incorrect"

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  • Windows 7 BC4 copy failure "the parameter is incorrect"

    I have submitted this problem before, but it keeps happening.
    When I'm copying (or moving) files over a 10 GB network between high speed, high power Windows machines I consistently get a few files that stop the process with: "Last error: Unable to copy (move) filename The parameter is incorrect"
    No more information about what the parameter is or if it is on the source or destination system. Sometimes I can use Windows copy to copy the file successfully or sometimes the Windows copy fails with the same error statement. I've done disk checks and used the applications that use or create the files after receiving the error. When I get one of these errors, it is usually on a large file today there were four files from 18 GB to 200 GB in size with the errors. A hundred thousand files were fine. I have run check disk with no errors found.

    It would be very helpful for BC4 to provide more information about the specific details of the problem and even better, fix the parameter problem on the fly.

    I've spent substantial time looking for help with this problem and I have seen where the problem occurs when the system is set to use a comma instead of a period for the decimal marker. That is not the problem here.

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    This is usually a transient network error. BC4 uses the same basic copy method as Windows Explorer, so if Explorer hits the error, then BC4 could as well. The text from the error is passed back to us from Windows, so we display the same message as Explorer.

    If there are any network settings or configuration that help improve the transfer in Explorer, then BC4 should see these improvements as well.
    Aaron P Scooter Software