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How do you do a "data compare" in BC4 ?

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  • How do you do a "data compare" in BC4 ?

    I'm new to Beyond Compare. I'm trying to compare 2 .txt files that mostly have the same content, but have some differences. For example line "oranges are blue" is on line #1 of one file, and line #20 of the other file. (There are many other differences similar to this among the files.) Currently some lines match up , but others(that I expect should) don't).

    I found this post
    (It seems to be similar to the problem I’m facing. But I don’t know where/how to use the functionality they are mentioning (from previous versions of beyond compare ) in BC4. For example one person suggests using a “data compare” – how do I use that functionality/what does it do in BC4?

    If possible I would like to avoid sorting like another post suggests. Can someone tell me where I can find out more about "Data Compare" in Beyond Compare 4?

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    The Data Compare was renamed to the Table Compare in BC4. If your files have Rows and Columns, and can be sorted by a Key Column, this would work for your example.

    Otherwise, the Text Compare does have a "Sorted" format, which you can access from the Format toolbar button dropdown, or in the Session Settings dialog, Format tab: override Detected to Sorted. This would alphabetically sort your entire file; note that if you save the file it would save in the new order, so Disable Editing if this shouldn't be allowed.
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