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BC4 vs Manual Search, BC4 is missing files - not showing orphans

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  • BC4 vs Manual Search, BC4 is missing files - not showing orphans

    I have a folder with 20 photos. I use BC4 to compare that folder to a large multi-subdirectory folder, and I know 17 of the 20 are in the large one. BC4 shows no orphans for the 20, a manual file search shows those 3 do not exist in the large multi-subfolder directory yet there aren't any orphans.

    I'm trying to figure out why BC4 indicates they do exist (show no orphans) in the large folder when they actually do not.

    I've tuned on: session settings - Handling - "bypass disk cache during binary comparisons"
    Tried all combinations of the session settings - comparison settings, turn off all the quick test, checked compare contents, compare version, binary comparison, and override quick test results.

    I've also tried it with quick tests on: compare file size, compare time stamps, compare (all) file attributes, compare file names.

    I'm not sure why these 3 files keep slipping through.

    Thank you!

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    To verify the visibility of files, please try enabling the Suppress Filters toolbar toggle. Once enabled, all filters are temporarily disabled and any excluded items are shown as Teal in color. Does this cause your files to appear? If so, that means a Display Filter, Name Filter, or Other Filter is currently set to exclude them. We'll just need to troubleshoot which it is.

    Display Filters: set to Show All in the View menu
    Name Filters: Session Settings dialog, Name Filters tab. Double check Include is set to *.* and * for file and folder respectively.
    Other Filters: Session Settings dialog, Other Filters tab, delete any defined filters.
    Aaron P Scooter Software