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Certain jpegs not getting copied

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  • Certain jpegs not getting copied

    I just did a folder compare to copy my music folder from my main drive to my backup drive and all of these files were ignored (ie not copied across):


    I tried supressing the filters but this didn't help.

    So how can I use BC4 to copy ALL my files across to my backup drive for my music folder?

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    Thanks for posting.

    Did the files appear in the view or are they excluded? Are you using the Folder Compare or Folder Sync session type? Do the files indicate they are going to copy in the Preview?

    A full screen screenshot showing the action you are about to commit might help show what's going on. You can post here, or email us at with a link back to this forum thread for our reference.

    Using the Folder Compare with Suppress Filters should show everything, and allow you to copy all files using the Copy command.
    Aaron P Scooter Software


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      Hi Aaron

      Thanks for the help but I have figured it out! In my session settings I had "Exclude protected operating system file" ticked. After unticking it everything was copied across.

      I do have another question!

      When backing up my main data drive I checksum all my data on the source drive and then after copying it across to the destination drive with BC4 I then verify the checksums to ensure that no data was corrupted/changed during the copy process.

      Is there a way to do this directly with BC4?

      I've been looking in the "Comparision" tab in the session settings and saw that there are two options that I *think* might be able to do what I am looking for:

      CRC comparision
      Binary Comparision

      Does this do checksumming like I am looking for? It would be nice if I could get BC4 to do everything for my backups!

      Thanks for any help


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        You'd want Binary comparison. This does a bit-by-bit scan of the entire file, and lets you know if they are exactly equal. A CRC scan is useful if the source or destination support CRC's specifically (an FTP with xCRC support, or a Zip file) but otherwise the binary scan is faster and more accurate.
        Aaron P Scooter Software