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Anoyance with FTP Folder Compare Log Window

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  • Anoyance with FTP Folder Compare Log Window

    Hi. [BC 4.0.7]

    During an FTP folder compare, the log pane scrolls with the FTP operations and responses, mostly too fast to actually read.

    This is the initial 'Load Comparison' phase, but may also happen in the sync or finalise phases.

    If I click on a log line to view it, the 'auto scrolling' stops. Unfortunately, I cannot find a way to restart it (auto scrolling)
    and from that point on I have to use the scroll bar to see new log messages.

    How do I re-enable auto scroll of log messasges. There did not seem to be anything relevant in the settings icon at the
    left of the pane.

    Regards, Mike

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    Scrolling to the bottom line will re-sync and scroll the log pane. Sometimes this can be hard to do if it scrolls past faster than you can scroll down. I'll usually use the PgDown or Down arrow keyboard to get the log to the very bottom while it is still loading.
    Aaron P Scooter Software


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      Left click in the log pane, then use the End key on your keyboard to jump to the end of the log and resume auto scrolling.
      Chris K Scooter Software


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        Thanx guys for the multiple option hints