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  • Unable to load: Access is denied

    I just installed BC4 for trial. I am attempting to compare the contents of a VHD to the source from which it was created. BEYOND COMPARE ran into issues of DENIED ACCESS which appear to be caused by UAC permissions of WIN 7. This is not surprising since files within DRIVE:/Windows are going to be protected by the system. I suppose I could tamper with permissions, but what is a SAFE way to do so & can I get the permissions back to their defaults?

    For example there are numerous subdirectories within C:/Windows/System32 that are unable to load. When I attempt to access them through WINDOWS EXPLORER access is also denied. I changed the UAC permissions on 1 of the folders & then BEYOND COMPARE did load it. However, changing permissions on all of the subdirectories are not so straightforward due to OWNERSHIP of those directories & files which the SYSTEM obviously discourages.

    So I need a safe procedure to allow BEYOND COMPARE to examine these directories & files without upsetting my system.

    Look forward to your input

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    Generally, if you are hitting an Access Denied error on a system directory, then the system is trying to protect that directory. In these cases, it is usually not advised to override the system's permissions. In some cases, you can right click the Beyond Compare shortcut and Run As Administrator to run the program in a temporary, elevated state, rather than disable the protection on the folders/files.
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