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Cannot see why BC considers there to be a difference here

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  • Aaron

    The left and right files have detected as different file formats. This means they have different grammar definitions, and if one side has text defined as a specific grammar type, and it aligns to text that is not a matching grammar type, that is marked as a different. For example, text that is a "String" grammar aligned to the same String characters is a difference.

    If you click the cursor into the text area, we show the current grammar type in the bottom status bar. Such as Operator vs. Default text.

    You can edit either File Format to have additional grammar definitions with the same grammar element names, or change the detected file format by clicking the format name in the upper status bar, or overriding it in the Session Settings.

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  • Cannot see why BC considers there to be a difference here

    The screen capture below shows how BC seems to consider lines in the 2 files to be different. Unless I'm going blind, the hex representation at the bottom shows NO difference between line 1 for either file.

    I SHOULD mention (might indicate something to you guys) that the left file was simple downloaded to the PC as a "normal" file. The right file has been created using s/w on the PC such that the original file is EBCDIC. My file format definitions include one for .DAT files and runs a program that reads it and converts it to ASCII.

    Can you guys explain WHY BC seems to think there are differences ?
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