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  • Folder compare by content only


    is it possible to compare files within two differently structured folders only by content ignoring filename and folder structures or anything else?
    It would be ok if CRC matches or binary comparison . I know that this would be terribly slow and unefficient but if somebody would need this? Is this already possible with BC4? Could this be a feature to request?

    The nearest I could find is to do a folder compare with "ignore file structure" and sort by "CRC"...


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    We have the option to Ignore Folder Structure, but file names will still be important. We cannot currently align by CRC, but do have an Alignment Override feature in the Pro version. The Alignment Override allows you to define a specific rule for how a filename has changed, at which point we then align by the filename using the rule. If you are licensed for Std edition, you can try this feature by following these steps:
    Alignment Overrides is in the Folder Compare's Session Settings, Misc tab.

    Aligning on content is a feature that is on our wishlist.
    Aaron P Scooter Software