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Folder Compare and Other Filters exclusions not being excluded from listing

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  • Folder Compare and Other Filters exclusions not being excluded from listing


    This is related to the Folder Compare feature.

    I am using the Show Right Newer predefined filter along with a custom Other Filters to Exclude all files less than 1 byte (thus excluding 0 byte files).

    Two issues:
    (1) I would like to exclude only zero-byte files appearing on the Right (existing filter gets applied to both sides)
    (2) I would like my "Other Filters" exclusions to be removed from the listing (currently they show up as Teal colored and the only way I have been able to have them excluded is to highlight each and use the Right-click Exclude option to add them to Name Filters list)

    I searched the forum but was unable to find other related posts.

  • #2

    Thanks for the feedback. For #2, are the teal items only on one side? We do apply the filter to both sides, and if it only effects the file on one side, we mark it as teal but don't remove it from the display. This is purposeful, so that if you then decide to Copy or Move, you can see that the file on the other side exists and would be overwritten. If it were invisible, then the resulting warning dialog would be confusing, as it would appear as if no other file was on the other side.

    #1 is not currently supported but on our wishlist, but I'm not certain it would meet your needs, as we would still show the other file in this scenario if you do not have any filters configured for the 'other' side.

    Does our current behavior and feature set make sense? If you provide a few more details on your data set on the left and right, and what you are trying to specifically sync, I might be able to give a few tips to help make it easier.
    Aaron P Scooter Software